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City Tour
The best and easiest way to check out the main tourist spots of the city. In one full day you’ll get to take that cool picture at Christ The Redeemer and check out the view from the Sugar Loaf, not to mention visit Lapa, Santa Teresa and much more.
Football Matches
In Brazil, you have to see a football match. Check out the Maracanã, the venue for the World Cup finals, and feel the excitement of the Brazilian people when it comes to our most beloved sport.
Free Walking Tour
Want to save some money? You can always do a Free Walking Tour. Walk around the city center and learn all you must know about Brazilian history.
Hang Gliding
Fly like a bird and contemplate Rio from its best angle, above. This is the experience of a lifetime. You can also get photos and videos of this to post on your Facebook and make your friends jealous. Or just to remember! 🙂

Night Life

Club Nights
Our friends from Bem Brasil organize the best parties in town. Check out 00 Club on Tuesdays, Fosfobox on Wednesdays, Praia Club on Thursdays and Lapa Loca on Fridays. Cheap tickets are available at reception and they including lots of freebies during Happy Hour, like free caipirinhas and 2 for 1 drinks.
Boat Parties
Mondays at night and Saturdays during the day you should join us on our boat party. Free caipirinhas for girls and cheap drinks for guys, and during the day party you can go swimming on the Guanabara Bay.
Lapa Street Party
Before heading to Lapa Loca, check out the Lapa Street Party. Every friday the streets of Lapa are packed full with people from all around the world drinking and dancing. Don’t forget to check out the Lapa Steps (a.ka. the Snoop Dogg steps) and the Lapa Arches.
Favela Funk Party
Do you want a real carioca experience? You should join us on the Favela Funk Party. Every sunday night we will take you outside of the city into a real favela (don’t worry, it’s safe) into this huge warehouse where tons of locals will be dancing to the very local rhythm of Carioca Funk. You can’t get a better party experience than this.

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