• caipituesday-rio

    CaipiTuesdays because Tuesdays rock!

    The best nights here are Tuesdays. Because it’s CaipiTuesdays! Every night we offer a free Caipirinha to each guest, but on Tuesdays, it’s 2 hours of Free Caipirinhas to get the party started. And yes, we do go out after that!

  • cristo-lua

    Great location overlooked by The Big Dude

    We are in Botafogo, right between Copacabana and Lapa. From here you can easily explore all sides of the city. Not to mention that we are overlooked by Christ The Redeemer and at a walking distance of the Sugar Loaf.

  • staff

    Helpful staff from all over the world

    Our young and international staff is ready to make sure you have the best time in Rio, day and night. We speak several languages, we have traveled around and some say we are pretty hot. Come for help, a chat and a few drinks.

  • fun

    Fun, Fun, Fun even if it's not Carnaval

    We are all about having a good time. Tons of beautiful guests (and 3 ugly ones), deals with parties every night, big spacious social area, including a bar with free caipirinhas every night. Join us on a Mario Kart race or on a Drunk Jenga contest.

  • rooms

    Plenty of rooms from shared to private

    Rooms for all needs. Shared dorms with 8, 6 or 4 beds with spotlights, power sockets and lockers in each bed, Girls-only ensuite dorm if you can’t stand guys snoring and double rooms as well, for those looking for more comfort.

  • more

    Anything else? We can go the extra mile

    We offer tons more: A safe enviroment with cameras, lockers and key card access to the rooms; Guest kitchen so you can show off your chef skills; WiFi, Apple TV and Netflix for those lazy days and anything more you may need.

Why you should stay at LimeTime

LimeTime Hostels is all about making you love Rio de Janeiro. We are the biggest fans of this city and we want you to feel the same way and enjoy the best of it with great tips for sightseeing during the day and awesome party advice for experiencing Rio’s nightlife.
As the best located hostel in Botafogo, we are few meters away from the Metro Station and main streets making it easy to go anywhere.
Another good reason to book? Stay with us and get a Free Caipirinha every night. Curious? Go ahead and see why you should stay with us!

A very social hostel

Hostels are losing their main attribute: bringing strangers together. LimeTime is proud to be the most social hostel in Rio. To be like that we have a huge social area just around reception with a bar, big screen TV with Wii (Netflix only during the day), and our open air patio.

Every night you can claim a Free Caipirinha, and during happy hour our Internet is TURNED OFF! Yes, smartphones are killing real human interactions, so we are killing it so you don’t get distracted and do what backpackers should do, make new friends!


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